Apple II Computer, Introduced 1977
Apple II Computer, Introduced 1977

Welcome to the Module

5 Smartphone Image by Kskhh
5 Smartphone Image by Kskhh

In this module, we explore the powers of technology to transform teaching and learning across the curriculum.

The module features five interactive explorations that demonstrate how technology creates learning experiences that would not be possible without it.
  • Geography
    • Mathematics
      • Science
        • English/Language Arts
          • History/Social Studies

Image by Ctmontessori
Image by Ctmontessori

Maria Montessori and Principles of Learning

Each of the explorations in this module are based on set of principles of learning set forth by the educator Maria Montessori in her work with impoverished children in Italy in the early 20th century.

For learning to be deep and lasting, Montessori believed, educational activities and materials must have three elements:

Point of Interest

Self-Correcting Feedback

Constant Successful Learning

Montessori used hands-on materials and manipulatives (like the boy in the picture putting pins in a map), but as we shall see in this module learning with technology can create similar conditions for children.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 4.39.15 PM.pngFor more information on Montessori, follow this Link to an Influential Biography Page on Maria Montessori



external image Street_View_logo.png

Google Street View Car
Google Street View Car

Google Street View

  • Starting at the Gallery page, try to visit a place you do not know about on every continent

Go to Sample NAEP Geography Questions for Grades 4 and 12
  • How do geography websites and apps like GeoGuessr and Google Street View support academic learning in ways that would not be possible with them?


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Where is math without numbers?

Zoombinis Website and Video Trailer from TERC
  • Zoombinis was a 1990s computer game that has been reissued for the iPad.
    • Zoombinis are small blue creatures who in the course of their adventures must solve logic puzzles.

Read the article Zoombinis and the Art of Mathematical Play

Soap-bubble Chandelier engraving, 1890
Soap-bubble Chandelier engraving, 1890


Edheads Science and Math Games

Create-A-Cane lets you build your own hurricane