Chapter 11........Engaging Students in Performance Assessment and Reflective Learning

Key Topics

High Stakes Testing..........

in Learning Assessments

Teacher Evaluation

and Student Feedback Surveys.........



Professional Learning Networks (PLNs)

Student Participation Systems and Online Polls.................

Civic Engagement & Community Service...........

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High Stakes Testing

National Resolution on High-Stakes Testing, a nation-wide petition against schools over-relying on high-stakes tests as an assessment approach.

The Case Against High Stakes Testing from FairTest.

Involving Students in Learning Assessments

Go to Conversing section of Democratic Teaching on the resourcesforhistoryteachers wiki for ideas about:

Teacher Evaluation and Student Feedback Surveys

Teacher Evaluation

Student Feedback Surveys

See Conferring with Students for information on students giving feedback to teachers about their teaching

  • Includes examples of Student Feedback Survey Policies and Practices for the following states:
    • Massachusetts
    • Connecticut
    • Georgia
    • Hawaii
    • Kentucky
    • Arizona
    • Ohio
    • Arkansas

Image from Texas Tech University, College of Education
Image from Texas Tech University, College of Education


e-Portfolios for Learning

Developing Portfolios to Assess Student Learning from Carleton College

Student Portfolios as an Assessment Tool from Education World

Professional Learning Networks

Building a Professional Learning Network and Avoiding Information Overload, Torrey Trust, January 2013

7 Tips for Building Collaborative, Fearless PLNs

My PLN Saved My Career offers one teacher's perspective on networking with colleagues in education.

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Student Participation Systems

external image Pic_Survey.jpgPoll Everywhere: A Teacher Describes Her Experiences

12 Tools for Quickly Gathering Informal Feedback from Students features Apps such as Poll Everywhere and UnderstoodIt.

50 Free Collaboration Tools That Are Awesome for Education.

Using Student Response Systems in a Greek Mythology Unitfrom the Montgomery County. Maryland Public Schools

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external image 200px-Paperback_book_black_gal.svg.pngMake Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions. Dan Rothstein & Luz Santana, Harvard Education Press, 2011.

For research on the value of repeated quizzing to support student learning, see

Online Polls

For one easy-to-do create online poll, see Straw Poll

Involving Students in Learning through Community Service and Civic Participation

Participatory Politics: New Media and Youth Political a 2012 study from the MacArthur Research Network on Youth & Participatory Politics found that a significant number of young people are using new technologies to engage in civic and political activities.

For more see the website of the Civic Engagement Research Group at Mills College.

Click here for information on the Edward M. Kennedy Service America Act of 2009 from the Corporation for National and Community Service.